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My fellow alumni,
It is with great pleasure for me to kick off the one-hundred-eleventh anniversary of CHS Alumni Association! Alumni is coming early this year, Saturday, May 13th, so don't forget! We have already had an exciting year and we are planning a wonderful weekend of events. We sold alumni t-shirts at sr. night at the conclusion of the football season and we hosted a Halloween movie night and had a great turnout. We hope to have more events as the weather permits to raise funds and awareness, so if you are local be on the lookout for flyers and social media. We appreciate all the support we get from local families and introducing us to future alumni.

I cannot express what it means to me to be a part of Chandler Alumni, let alone, President. I remember as a kid, watching the class of '62 build a scale sized log cabin in our yard and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I couldn't wait to graduate and make awesome floats like they did. Luckily the tradition has continued and each year we have a great turnout of floats and continue the tradition. At the time, I wasn't aware of the tradition of the banquet or the dances which continue to flourish after an incredible one hundred eleven years.

This years' theme is CHS PROM NIGHT 19/20__ ! Hopefully, you had a memorable prom theme like "Under the Sea" or "Night at the Movies" or maybe you had a cheesy prom theme like "Phantom of the Opera". The point is, have fun! Go crazy! We want big, we want scale sized log cabins! Don't forget participation and t-shirts are part of your float requirements if you are trying to win the competition.

Don't forget, if you are designing t-shirts, we have a t-shirt design contest. The winning design gets $25. To enter your design in the contest, please donate a t-shirt to the association by Saturday the May 13th at 9 am. You can give it to a board member, or bring it to the museum that morning, we will be there until noon. We are collecting the t-shirts to put into a t-shirt quilt, the first to be raffled away in 2020.

Anniversary classes, please do not forget to come by the CHS Historical Center to decorate your class board the week of Alumni. Contact Marfreda Christy at (405) 509-1081 or Vivian Sage at (405) 476-3624 for access to the Alumni Museum.

Don't forget to pick up your edition of the 2017 Chandler Alumnus on the newsstands in May. This is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Alumni Association as well as one of the most time consuming. Please have all of your articles and pictures in our office by Wednesday, March 1st to ensure that all info and pictures make it to print. All pictures, itineraries, advertisements, and articles must be sent to:

Head on over to to purchase tickets, buy shirts, and see photos from previous anniversary classes. We have an awesome new website with a ton of new features all designed by board member Jeanie Jones '76. You can make a donation there to the association if you so desire. Thanks, Jeanie, the website looks great!

With the success of the CHS Alumni Poker Fun Run Challenge last year, a 5k has been added. This year there will be a 2-mile fun run/walk and a 5k, starting at 7 am Saturday, May the 13th.

It's been an amazing year so far, and I am looking forward to banquet night, coming early this year, May 13th, to see all the scholarship and award winners. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome the one-hundred-eleventh anniversary of Chandler High School Alumni Association and tell everyone to have a safe and wonderful Alumni weekend!

Respectfully yours,

Bill Mullen, '91