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Scenes are as follows:
J Hinchey and Family January 1939. Family standing in front of house. Picnic for the dedication of Forrest Church 1938.
Armistice Day Parade 1938.
Picnic for the dedication of the New Zion Chapel 1938.
Christmas dinner with the Key family 1938.
Old Settler's day at the Lincoln county fair September 15th, 1938.
The landsaw family outside of their home in 1938.
H&S Theater group 1938. O.C. and family at their home. O.C. Armstrong and family 1938 at their home. Roy Daswon and his family and guest outside of their home 1938. A.D Wright thanksgiving dinner in 1938. Methodist Church Q. Finn Pastor 1938. Presbyterian congregation 1938. Catholic Church 1938. Dr. Robertson at his home. F.F. Nichols family Thanksgiving day 1938. Carl Owen's home. Mrs. Jake Mayer and her daughters 1938. J.W. Smith Family 1939. Open house at the E.C. Love home 1939. Alumni parade and Banquet in 1939. Easter Sunday 1939. Annual Old Settler's Day Lincoln county fair September 15, 1939 H.C. Brunt Master of Ceremonies. Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party December 1939. Basil Wagner home 1939. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gerardy at their 50th wedding anniversary. May Day festivities at Hunter School 1940. 160th Field Artillery at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 1940. A.F. Key family. Alumni parade 1941. Carl Owns home 1941. Oak Grove School 1941 on the of class with Teacher Edithola Haws and Arda McGehee. Oklahoma A&M president H.G. Bennet presenting the Phi Kappa Phi plaque to Chandler High School for outstanding scholarship 1941. Dr. R. E. Dickson mayor of Chandler buys first defense bond May1, 1941. McAleer's corner 1941. Thomas Cull demonstrating his infallible certrifugal chemico-electric geoloscope which eliminates cephalalgia. Mayor R. E. Dickosn and family. Streets of Chandler 1941. Old Settler's Day 1941. Creator: Benny Kent Coverage: Chandler (City), in Oklahoma (USA)

Past Alumni Weekends

Welcome to the Chandler High School Alumni Association, the oldest and most active of such associations in the State of Oklahoma!

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